Jeff Clancy:
NOTE: names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent...

While older brother Tom Clancy was content to write about lives of adventure, excitement and intrigue, younger brother Jeff actually lived such a life. Raised on a steady diet of red meat, apple pie and John Wayne movies, Jeff Clancy was imbued at an early age with a strong sense for truth, justice and the
American way. He became the first elementary school safety patrol officer to make a felony arrest. He was responsible for a 90% decrease in sitting-backward-ism on his bus route, and he was nearly single-handedly responsible for the break-up of the notorious Lunch-Money Mafia. Later, Jeff’s Boy Scout troop would be the first to include a S.W.A.T. Team.

At 17 years and 364 days of age, Jeff enlisted in the Marine Corps. Jeff was almost the first person to be rejected from the Corps for being “too gung ho,” but after a few hours of transcendental meditation and a liberal (can we use that word in his bio?) application of valium, he was able to slide by. He excelled at everything the marines could throw at him, most notably – “bustin’ heads.” He was stationed in Okinawa, where he learned their native language (Spanish) and studied their native form of martial arts (Brazilian Jiujutsu). He became fluent in the former and earned a purple belt in the latter.

After leaving the Corps, he settled in California. Unable to find a suitable job, his now famous brother was able to get him some acting work to hold him over until he could find some suitable work. He was in the movies Back To The Future, Mars Attacks, Lethal Weapon III and Twins as a stunt double for
(respectively) Michael J. Fox, Danny DeVito, Joe Pesci and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He is also semi-famous for his roll in The Bridges of Madison County as “the man who said ‘Ouch.’” During this time, he also continued his study of martial arts, training in a number of different systems under various
instructors. One night, in the “5.56 NATO chatroom,” during a heated argument about the pros and cons of using a 1 in 9 twist with a 60grn spire point/boat-tail, he discovered he was arguing with none other than his former childhood buddy and now legendary martial artist, Guro Mike “Don’t Do This To
Your Partner” Krivka. Although on opposite sides of the country, they agreed to train together whenever the opportunity presented itself.

Job-wise, Jeff finally got a break a little latter that year. We can’t tell you who he works for, but you probably get the iDEA. He has served with distinction and valor, making numerous high dollar value seizures and high profile arrests. Perhaps his most notable case involved over 2 years undercover work and lead to the largest bootleg Rogaine seizure in this history of the country.

Jeff continues to study martial arts, developing proficiency in several systems. In keeping with their internet meeting, he also trains with Guro Krivka whenever one of them travels to the opposite coast. Jeff is a certified instructor in multiple systems. Also, riding on some of his previous media fame, combined with his martial arts expertise, he has written and appeared in numerous magazine articles for Black Belt, Karate, Kungfu Digest, Good Housekeeping, and Seventeen.