Seeking the Path to Greatness
by Damon Caro


In mentioning combat, I am reminded of a quote from a 'Jeet Kune Do enthusiast" who had never met Sifu Inosanto, but felt strongly that although an excellent instructor in an academic sense, Sifu Inosanto was not a fighter. Having received the energy that emanates from this man countless times, I can only take pity on such an ignorant misrepresentation. The kindness of a man's nature should never be confused with the humble power of his skill.

Speaking of ignorance and misrepresentation, there also exists a great deal of discrepancy with respect to the Jun Fan Gung Fu Chinatown School. This facility was founded by Si Gung Bruce Lee in 1967. During that time, and for the three years to follow, this school was run by one individual. Si Gung Bruce Lee personally chose Sifu Dan Inosanto as the school's head instructor (below documentation clearly validates this fact). Ninety-five percent of the classes were taught by Sifu Inosanto, with Si Gung Lee providing instruction on a periodic basis.

These are but a few of the examples illustrating how those motivated by envy and ignorance have attempted to malign the reputation of Sifu Dan Inosanto. The informed need not hear any rebuttal: they axe well aware of Sifu's honorable character and his immeasurable contributions to the world of martial arts. The ignorant -especially those with less-than-honorable intent- will choose to ignore the facts and continue to spread false information. Yet I and others believe such malicious tongues will eventually be silenced ... the lies serving to high light the ignorance of those who speak them. Sifu Inosanto refuses to dignify such comments with a response; although I admire this and all elements of his nature, out of love and respect for him I feel certain truths should be made very clear. He has long shed light onto the path toward spiritual growth, and as a true mentor to many students, his quiet manner and inner strength should he recognized for what they are: personal greatness.


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