A question about JKD and Guro Dan...?
by Michael A. Krivka

NOTE: Just thought I would share with my MAK friends the type of question that I get on a regular basis.  Can you guess why I have such strong feelings about some of the "people" who train in the martial arts?
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Hello Mr. Krivka I know you don't remember me, but about two years ago you were at a seminar in Wilmington Nc. It was for Burton Richardson it was hosted by Sifu Andrew Tsingles. {I distinctly remember "Sifu Andrew", he was kind of hard to miss... he was a full instructor in JKD... his instructorship was given to him by the noted JKD authority Sifu Mike(?) from...?  I'm sorry, I never heard of him and neither had anyone else!?!?}


I was wondering what made you want to train under Sifu Dan instead of Sifu Ted Wong.  Did you feel that the pre 73 stuff was static and was a never gonna change, and that the concepts were for every moving , like water? {My initial decision to train with Guro Dan was because he was out there spreading the art and keeping it alive (BTW - Where was Ted 10 years ago?  He (Ted Wong) obviously wasn't trying to promote the art; at least not until he decided to hook up with the Nucleus.)  After training with Guro Dan for several years and learning more about what JKD is and is not, I continued training with him because I felt he was continuing the process that Sigung Bruce started.  I still train with him because he is the most talented martial artist I have ever met and a sincere, giving and honest person.}


I know my point means "jack", but i was feeling that the concepts, being forever moving like water, steal isn't the way Sijo Lee would have wanted it to go, because it's too much.  Sijo Lee always felt that you should term away the useless stuff to find the true meaning, you know this! {You're right, the concepts approach is constantly evolving and will continue to do so... just as Sigung Lee's training and teaching did from the the 60's into the 70's.  You are being deceived by a passage in the Tao that many JKD instructors use to hide behind.  Sigung Lee did say in broad terms that "less is better" ... what he didn't say is that you have to have something to base the process of removing the inessentials on before you can start taking things away!}


 I just feel that Sifu Dan adding Kali and silat and other things went the opposite just like Sifu Ted by staying the same and never changing Sifu Dan my have addign Kali to make it look like he was every growing but all he did was add more "clay" to the sculpture, instead of taking away trying to find the purest art form.  {Guro Dan added Kali and Silat to his training curriculum during Sigung Lee's lifetime and has continued to explore other arts like Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai... just like Sigung Lee did during his lifetime.}


If this is the case shouldn't Sifu Dan call it Dan's Jeet kune Do and not Jun fan jeet kune do because it's his own style anyway  i just wanted to know your opinion on this case. thank you for your time. {You're right, Sifu Dan could call it anything he wants to but prefers to honor his instructor and the person who inspired him to continue his lifelong journey in the martial arts: Bruce Lee.}

The Kutting Edge (MAK) August 1999


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