Backlash - The Conclusion
by Michael A. Krivka


Over the past several months I have had the not-so-pleasant, but extremely educational, experience of writing about the response to Paula Inosanto's letter concerning the growth number of "Original JKD"/"JKD Instructors".


Strangely enough all of the gentlemen mentioned in the letter, as well as the subsequent commentary, have one thing in common: they have nothing good to say about each other, in addition to being more than eager to trash the others background, training and ability. Of particular interest is Gary Dill's and Lamar Davis' vehement dislike of Dr. Jerry Beasley ...

Without getting to personal I would like to make a few comments about the situation as it stands today.


First, none of the gentlemen mentioned, has had any formal training in Jun Fan Gung Fu or JKD Concepts. Training for a few weeks 30 years ago (then falling off the face of the earth), attending a couple of seminars, watching a video, or reading all of the books on a given subject does not make anyone an authority. It takes consistent training, determination, humility and integrity to develop the skills, understanding and ability necessary to perfect any skill.


Second, none of the gentlemen mentioned is recognized by their peers, meaning people who are training in the same art they profess to teach, write about, and/or make video's about. They are out there all by themselves, claiming to have the "inside scoop" on what Sigung Bruce was trying to do thirty years ago.


Finally, I am amazed and thoroughly disgusted at the tremendous ego's these gentlemen have! Basing their credentials on their questionable "training", these "JKD Masters" are a perfect example of PT Barnum's immortal social commentary that "there's one born every minute." [In this case, there must be one born every thirty seconds or so because there are people out there who are actually being fooled by these guys ...]


Fortunately there is a small segment of the martial arts population that has the insight, intelligence and common-sense to see through all of the BS and perceive these gentlemen for what they really are: FAKES. Just like the hordes of "Ninja Masters" that came out of the woodwork in the '70's and '80's, these gentlemen will fade back into obscurity as soon as the spotlight starts to dim.


So, hang on, keep your "BS Meter" charged and ready to go, and let's weather this storm together ...remember, if you ignore something long enough it will eventually go away. If not, we can always hope that they have the opportunity to user their "Original JKD" on the streets ...

The Kutting Edge (MAK) March 1994


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