Backlash - Part 1
Written by Mike Krivka

NOTE: The response from last months publication of Paula Inosanto's letter was better than I could have expected. In this months newsletter I will share with you the information I gathered concerning Gary Dill, with Lamar Davis and Dr. Jerry Beasley being covered in coming issues ...

Professor Gary Dill

Mr. Dill was the first person to contact me concerning Paula's letter. After a lengthy phone conversation Mr. Dill invited me to attend a seminar he was giving in Northern Virginia the following weekend.


At the seminar Mr. Dill produced a packet of documents that he considered to be indisputable proof that he was a "real JKD man". This packet included a personal letter from James Lee, several certificates from various martial arts organizations (recognizing him as a Grandmaster in Bushido Kempo/SDS-JKD) and letters from the now disbanded JKD Society.

Sifu James' Lee's letter (which is the cornerstone of Mr. Dill's "credentials") does in fact authorize Mr. Dill to train in what he was exposed to during his short time under his (James Lee's) direction; but it also explicitly states, not once, not twice, but three times, that he is to not, under any circumstances, teach or claim to teach JKD. This was stated in such a way as to not be confused or misinterpreted by Mr. Dill or anyone else who read the letter. Obviously it was...


Mr. Dill is using an abbreviated version of the letter, which includes only Sifu Lee's reference to training with a small group of friends, and not the admonitions against teaching JKD. Mr. Dill's version of the letter could lead one to believe that he was given permission to teach; but in no uncertain terms Sifu James Lee it was okay as long as he was "just working out with a select few to keep your skills in JKD and Wing Chun - for your own benefit - not to try to pass yourself off as an instructor in our style of no style".


It appears that Mr. Dill is exactly what he warns people about in his own literature - that he is one of the many "rip-off artists out there claiming to be teaching JKD but wouldn't know JKD if it was in front of them. Many of them have no authentic lineage, no real training ... Let the buyer beware"!

Thanks for the warning ...

The Kutting Edge (MAK) Dec. 1993


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