Backlash - Part 3
by Michael A. Krivka


NOTE: Following is the final response to the publication of Paula Inosanto's letter in the November '93 newsletter. This month we we'll examine Dr. Jerry Beasley's heated response to her comments as well as his personal attack against me. Next month, in the final installment of "Backlash", I'll summarize the current situation and future actions to curb these "cowboys".

Dr. Jerry Beasley

Dr. Jerry Beasley (Dr. B) is the author of 2(+) books and more than 40(+) articles on Jeet Kune Do and is "a recognized authority" on the subject.


In numerous articles Dr. B states that he trained in JKD and Kali with Guro Dan Inosanto over a five year period (1983-1988). According to Dan and Paula Inosanto, they did see Dr. B in attendance at several seminars and camps. But they are both quick to point out that Dr. B was there taking notes and that they never once saw him train. [Sitting on the sidelines of a seminar and taking notes is not what most consider a valid method of "experiencing" a training method or system.]

Where does Dr. B get the vast amounts of information that he writes about concerning JKD? Well, as of January 1993 he was given authorization to teach "JKD Fighting Principles and Strategies" by Joe Lewis, a student of Bruce Lee's and world class kick boxer in the 70's. This certification was given with the following stipulation: "Remember, as I maintain my respect for Bruce Lee, you must maintain respect for his art as he left it." [Looks like he has already broken that promise ...]

In response to my questions concerning his training, background and use/abuse of the term JKD, Dr. B has responded with several letters. Threatening physical violence [using words unbecoming a college professor] and legal action [nice try], he has demanded that I publicly apologize for the commentary made in this newsletter.


Consider the following as an "apology": Having been unable to distinguish yourself through other means, you "drop" the names of people who have dedicated their lives to the development and propagation of the martial arts. I find your abuse of the curiosity and relative ignorance of the general martial arts community [in regards to Bruce Lee's art] to be reprehensible and self-serving.


Regarding Mr. Lewis I have always, and will continue to have, the greatest respect for his ability as a martial artist and fighter. I can only hope that his name will not be tarnished by his association with you.


I am looking forward to that "personal JKD lesson" that you are so anxious to give me ...

The Kutting Edge (MAK) Feb. 1994


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