Backlash - Part 2
by Michael A. Krivka


NOTE: Following is the continued response to the publication of Paula Inosanto's letter in the November '93 newsletter. This month we examine Lamar Davis' response to her comments; next month we will hear from Dr. Jerry Beasley ... I can't wait !!!

Sifu Lamar Davis

Mr. Davis claims to have studied the martial arts for 26 years and has worked with the following instructors: Gary Dill, Ted Wong, Joseph Cowles, Jerry Poteet, Ted LucayLucay, Richard Bustillo and Dan Inosanto.

Following are comments that Mr. Davis made concerning his instructors:


Gary Dill - Mr. Davis stated that he is not and never was a student of Gary Dill's.


Ted Wong - Mr. Davis recognizes Mr. Wong as the "head of Jun Fan Gung Fu and JKD because he teaches only JKD, not JKD Concepts". Mr. Davis also stated that he is an instructor under Mr. Wong but does not have an instructors certificate. (He expects one in the near future ...)


Joseph Cowles - Mr. Davis received rank in Wu Wei Gung Fu from Mr. Cowles in 1982 but broke off relations with him because he considered Mr. Cowles to be a "religious fanatic".


Jerry Poteet - Mr. Davis attended a seminar by Mr. Poteet and was offered certification, but didn't want to pay $5000.00 for it. (As he claims others have ...)


Ted Lucaylucay - Mr. Lucaylucay has given seminars for Mr. Davis and is a "member of his organization", the United States Jeet Kune Do Alliance.


Richard Bustillo & Dan Inosanto - Mr. Davis has attended and sponsored seminars by both gentlemen. Mr. Davis stated that he pursued certification with Mr. Inosanto but could not "globetrot" to seminars to get certification.

I quote Mr. Davis: "When are these children going to wake up and realize that there is more than one way of doing things, and that their way may not be the right way for everyone!"


In conclusion I would like to quote Rodney King for Mr. Davis: "Can't we all just get along?".

In response I would like to quote the immortal words of Wayne & Garth: "NOT!".

The Kutting Edge (MAK) Jan. 1994


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