Ajarn Chai Sirisute


Master/ Ajarn "Chai" is known throughout the world for his highly praised seminars on Muay Thai / Thai Boxing. He is the president and founder of the Thai Boxing Association of the USA. The Thai Boxing Association of the U.S.A. (TBA-USA), founded in 1968, is the oldest and largest Muay Thai organization in the United States. Ajarn Chai came to the United States with a vision to spread Muay Thai to throughout the world, and he is the first-ever Thai boxing instructor to teach Americans this art and he has worked tirelessly for more than 30 years to that end.


He is a true fighting expert. A former Thai Boxer who ended his ring career with 72 bouts, he is now one of the foremost proponents of the art in the United States. Chai has taught Thai boxing techniques for 25 yearsto over 20,000 students world wide. One of his specialties is training full-contact fighters for international competition and he coached the first U.S. team to compete in Thailand.


Thai Boxing Association of The USA


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