Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite

Grandmaster Edgar Sulite
Grandmaster Edgar Sulite
September 25, 1957 - April 10, 1997

Punong Guro (Grandmaster) Edgar G. Sulite was born on September 25th, 1957 in the Visayan Island of Leyete, Tacloban City. His family already had a strong martial arts background. His father was a tenth round boxer and an expert in eskrima/arnis. His older brother also studied arnis and was an expert in karate. At the age of 12 his father started training PG Edgar in the art of boxing and eskrima/arnis. PG Edgar was trained in the traditional method of constant contact with blows to the hands and head. He would also train with other local arnis experts who would use live blades (bolos). This helped develop his fighting ability PG Edgar was known for.


Later his family moved to Ozamis and he pursued a college education and received a Bachelor of Arts Degree, with a major in Economics, from the Misamis University. During this time he took advantage of his location and trained with other masters of kali/eskrima/arnis. This would include Leo Gaje of Pekiti-Tirsia, Jose Cabellero of De Campo Uno-Dos-Tres Orehenal, Jesus Abella of Modern Largos, and many others. His many years of study inspired him to create a new style called Lameco Eskrima. Lameco is PG’s own mix of the Long, Medium, and Corto (close quarter) techniques/principles he learned during his studies of Filipino martial arts.


In 1981, PG Edgar moved to Manilla. It was at this time he became friends with Roland Dantes, a famous Filipino film celebrity and martial artist. This created opportunities for PG Edgar to train various stuntmen, celebrities, and prominent business men. Also at this time PG Edgar started to train under Grandmaster Antonio Ilustrisimo. PG Edgar was also a Senior member of Bakbakan International.


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