Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite

Punong Guro Edgar presenting a plaque to Instructor Mike Krivka for his efforts in promoting Lameco and the Filipino arts.

In 1989, PG Edgar came to the United States and through his instructor Leo Gaje he formed a friendship with Guro Dan Inosanto. Guro Dan was very impressed with PG Edgar and his Lameco Eskrima. So much that Guro Dan trained and became an instructor under PG Edgar. Guro Dan introduced PG Edgar to the US Filipino martial arts community and soon Lameco Eskrima was spreading across the United States.


Through the 1990’s Lameco Eskrima was growing and maturing. PG Edgar formed an organization called Lameco Eskrima International (LEI) which united the Lameco students all around the world. PG Edgar had students in the Philippines, all across the United States, etc. The future looked great.


In 1997 PG Edgar had many seminars scheduled and he was working on a fourth book entitled “The Combat Art of Lameco Eskrima”. But all the plans got changed. During a visit back to the Philippines PG Edgar’s high-blood pressure condition caused him to lapse into a coma which he never came out of. On April 10th, 1997 Punong Guro Edgar Sulite passed away. He is survived by his wife Felicia and his five children.


If you would like to learn more about PG Edgar’s art of Lameco Eskrima you can witness the legacy he left us through his numerous books and videos he produced while he was with us.

  • Secrets of Arnis
  • Advanced Balisong
  • Masters of Arnis, Kali & Eskrima
  • Lameco Eskrima at the Vortex
  • Laban Laro (original Laban Laro - great training techniques)
  • Laban Laro (new version of Laban Laro)
  • Advanced Laban Laro
  • Espada Y Daga (Sword & Dagger) Combinations
  • Lameco Eskrima: Secrets of Double Stick Fighting Part 1 & 2
  • Lameco Eskrima: Practical Self-Defense Part 1 & 2
  • Lameco Eskrima: Essential Single Stick Skills Part 1 & 2

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