CrossFit Koncepts
at Martial Arts Koncepts
The Ultimate in Fitness

Martial Arts Koncepts is proud to bring the brutally effective CrossFit training methodology to Gaithersburg, Maryland in the form of CrossFit Koncepts.


CrossFit Koncepts brings real-world strength, conditioning and endurance training to anyone who is willing to leave their ego at the door. Workouts are scalable to the fitness needs of world-class athletes and working stiffs, special operations personnel and soccer moms, and mixed martial artists and weekend warriors.


Classes will be led by one of our two certified CrossFit instructors (Mike Krivka and Nassir Sheikh) and we are working on developing several more instructors that will be CrossFit certified in the very near future.


Our team of trainers are currently running CrossFit orientation classes, group workouts and WOD's (Workouts of the Day). For a schedule of workouts and events go the CrossFit Koncepts website.


For training contact Mike Krivka at (301) 404-2571 (9AM - 9PM EST).
For website issues contact Joe Marszalek.