Abecedario Training Progression

"Abecedario" equates to "ABC's" or learning the basics. This training emphasizes learning both the offensive and defensive aspects of the weapon and learning how to control the center, passing the center, hold and pass, etc.
Stage I Receive 1 Hit - 1 Block & 1 Hit
Stage II Receive 1 Hit - 1 Block & 2 Hits
Stage III Receive 1 Hit - 1 Block & 3 or More Hits
Stage IV Receive 2 Hits -
   a) 2 Blocks & 1 Hit

   b) 2 Blocks & 2 Hits

   c) 2 Blocks & 3 or More Hits
Stage V Receive 3 Hits -
   a) 3 Blocks & 1 Hit

   b) 3 Blocks & 2 Hits

   c) 3 Blocks & 3 or More Hits
Stage VI Receive Fakes to Positive Hits
Stage VII Use/Receive Different Weapons
   a) Using Different Weapons

   b) Receiving Different Weapons

   c) Using Throws, Locks, Sweeps, Trips, 

       Chokes, Takedowns & Disarms.
Stage VIII Receive while retreating
Stage IX Receive while moving right or left
Stage X Receive while circling (CW or CCW)
Stage XI Receive Low to High or High to Low
Stage XII Receive on different terrain, environments
or situations.


For training contact Mike Krivka at (301) 404-2571 (9AM - 9PM EST).
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