The Evolution of JKD

Many will argue that JKD is a collection of disjointed techniques or a compendium of philosophies from various martial arts and religions.  Others will argue that JKD is a moment in time... a snapshot Sigung Bruce's training regimen from 1966, 1967, 1968, etc. Of course there are others who will argue that they have surpassed Bruce and have the "new and improved" JKD for the masses.

I'm of the mind that JKD is a never ending process of discovery, experimentation, analysis, research and enlightenment; and within that process is the price that each and every practitioner must pay for the gift: blood, sweat, tears, pain and humility.  To freeze JKD in time is to lose its essence.  To add techniques just for the sake of adding is to bastardize the whole philosophy that Sigung Bruce was working towards.

The Evolution of JKD
Tao of Chinese Gung Fu
1959 - 1962
(San Francisco, CA and Seattle, WA)
Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu
1962 - 1965
(Seattle, WA and Oakland, CA)
Jeet Kune Do Concepts
1965 - ?
(Los Angeles, CA)
Tao of Chinese Gung Fu
  • Consists primarily of Wing Chun Gung fu and Fencing.

  • There are were three instructors made by Sigung Bruce Lee: Dan Inosanto, Taky Kimura and James Lee.
Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu
  • Consists of a distinct methodology and training progression.
  • Contains an understanding that there is no “best” style.
  • Victory through superiority within a combat range or by changing the rules in combat to nullify and opponents superiority within a range.
  • Influenced by over 26 different martial arts from Wing Chun to Muay Thai.
  • Bruce Lee introduced the use of equipment in training i.e. kicking shield and focus mitts.
  • Advocates researching other martial arts to improve your understanding of your own art.
Jun Fan Training consists of:
  • Punching and striking techniques.
  • Kicking and knee techniques.
  • Chin Na / Joint Locking.
  • Choking and strangling.
  • Grappling, throwing, takedown and sweeping techniques.
  • Practical weapons and application.
Jun Fan Sub-Systems:
Jan Fan Streetfighting
Jun Fan Boxing (Western)
Jun Fan Kickboxing
Jun Fan Wing Chun Gung Fu
Jun Fan Grappling
Jun Fan Weaponry
  •     Single Stick
  •     Double Sticks
  •     Long and Short Stick
  •     Whip
  •     Nunchuck
  •     Staff
  •     Spear
  •     Knife
  •     Firearms
Jeet Kune Do and Jeet Kune Do Concepts
  • The "Research and Development" aspect of Lee Jun Fan Gung Fu.

  • Used as a tool to evaluate / assimilate other training methodolgies and techniques.

The four JKD(?) groups vying for attention
in the martial arts community:

JKD Concepts
  • Sifu Dan Inosanto
  • Burton Richardson
  • Paul Vunak
  • Larry Hartsell
JKD Nucleus
  • Ted Wong
  • Dan Lee
  • Chris Kent
  • Richard Bustillo
Original JKD
  • Lamar Davis
  • Gary Dill
JKD Fighting Strategies
  • Joe Lewis
  • Jerry Beasley


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