Inosanto Blend of Kali, Eskrima, and Arnis
Sinawalli Variations

Following are a number of ways to train the double stick sinawalli patterns.  Some of the variations are easy, while others will take considerably more time to master.  While most of these variations have little or no "combat" application, they will increase stick discipline, coordination and timing as well as add variety to your Kali / Eskrima / Arnis training regimen.
Matching (standard)
Offside Matching
Match strike for strike i.e. right for right and left for left. Start any series on the "off" or left side, matching strike for strike.
Meet all strikes with opposite hand strike i.e. left for right and right for left. Adding or "chaining" sinawalli counts together i.e. chaining Abecedario 4 Count to Ikis 6 Count.
Meeting each strike with a redondo strike with either hand. Countering every strike with one stick; this includes using both hands as well as transitioning from right to left.
Countering all high strikes with one hand and all low strikes with the other hand i.e. left for all high strikes and right for all low strikes. Countering all strikes with medium range blocks as opposed to strikes.
Break-In and Break-Out
Developing the timing necessary to enter and exit a sinawalli series. Using the same or different sinawalli series to counter a specific sinawalli.
Transitioning from one sinawalli series to another without interruption; i.e. following someone. Performing sinawalli series from any chamber or while changing chambers: open, closed or mixed.
Changing to different variations of a sinawalli series and then returning to the basic series. Developing sensitivity to distance while moving: forward, backward, left, right, circling (CW and CCW), to one knee, to both knees and onto your back.
Changing Grips
Sinawalli vs Different Weapons
Going from standard, bottom and center grips within a sinawalli series. Maintaining sinawalli series versus a variety of weapons i.e. single stick, stick & dagger, single & double dagger, two-handed stick and staff.


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