Richard 'Ka-Bar' Jackson:
'You're going to put your eye out with that thing!'

Unknown to most people, the past of renowned martial artist, Richard “Ka-bar” Jackson, is more twisted than a French crueler made by an obsessive-compulsive baker. However, his life started off innocently enough. In an interview with his parents, his father fondly recalled, “His first word was ‘carrot.’” However, his mother added, “Really? Thank goodness. All these years I thought it was ‘garrote.’” However, early on, they could tell strange things were a brewin’ young Richie’s mind. “We spent a fortune on gates, “child-proof” locks and finally plain ole padlocks,” his father would recall. His mother recalled, “We even tried bribing him with stuffed animals, toys, candy, we even got him a cat, a dog and pony. But we just couldn’t keep him away from the D#MN kitchen knives.” “We could distract him for a couple hours if we gave him an old tire and stick to beat on it with, but eventually he’d come back after those knives,” his father added.

Whatever voice was calling Richard at that early age did not diminish with time, and at the age of 9 he ran away from home and joined the circus. Naturally, he bonded immediately with the knife throwers, quickly mastering their trade. Life was good for young Richard, and for a while, he was content. However, as Richard grew older, he began to have those stirrings boys have as they become men. Thus Richard was forced to flee from the circus after nearly killing the Strongman in a fight for the affections of the bearded lady.

For a while, Richard worked various odd jobs: knife sharpener, knife polisher, knife cleaner, knife duster, knife mover…however none of these jobs satisfied his hunger. He would eventually end up on a street corner with a cardboard sign “Will play with knives for money…”

It was there that he was discovered by the casting crew for the reality show “My Obnoxious Survivor Millionaire Celebrity Idol Average Joe Apprentice.” Unfortunately, he was sharpening his knives instead of attending the tribal council, and was thus the first to be voted off the block. However, unbeknownst to Richard, his brief television appearance had been caught by Mitchell Borns, billionaire owner of “Tuna-2-Go” ( The timing could not have been better, as T2G was in desperate need of salespersons. Borns was reportedly very impressed by Richard’s single minded, laser-like focus, remarking “Smitters, who is that young go-getter? I like the cut of his jib. Hire him!”

So things were looking up for Richard. His 15 minutes of fame had won him a job. However, food on the table and knives in the closet still weren’t enough to satisfy him. Thus while seeking to fill that void, he stumbled across Marital Arts Koncepts. While interesting, this was of no immediate help to him. However, the kind people there were able to correct his circus education spelling abilities and direct him to Martial Arts Koncepts. He met the founder, owner, operator, Head Instructor, Curriculum Coordinator, President, Chairman of the Board, CEO, CFO and janitor, Guro Mike Krivka. Comforted by finding someone who shared his mental affliction, Richard began his formal training in the martial arts. Having finally found a means to satisfy that burning desire in his soul, Richard had finally found some comfort and stability in his life. We hope…