Richard Jackson
Location: Leesburg, VA
Phone: 703/779-0471

My fascination with the weapon disciplines has driven my martial arts career. From the medieval recreation societies that I fought in when I was fourteen, the Kenjutsu that I studied at nineteen, as well as the Filipino Martial Arts that I was introduced to four years ago when I began studying with Guro Mike Krivka.

I would like to consider myself an enthusiastic beginner at being a physical scholar of the weapon arts. I enjoy all aspects of the weapon disciplines (including empty hands) and I work very hard to broaden myself as a martial artist. Teaching is part of that process. I learn more from being able to demonstrate, explain, and get someone to understand concepts and techniques than I do if I just work for myself. Guro Mike is constantly pushing me to grow as a student as well as an assistant instructor. Both of which present their own challenges and rewards.