Nick 'Mykola' Machnowsky
Location: Trenton, NJ
Phone: 267/979-6598

Mykola Machnowsky first began to dabble in the martial arts (probably as many people start) as a child trying to imitate Bruce Lee. This usually consisted of playing with the nunchaku using them to bruise his friends and his own forehead, and throwing Chinese stars at the walls which didn’t please his parents to much. He was trying to be like the man on the big screen Bruce Lee, who could do these amazing things. Only as he got older did he begin to really see the true nature of what Bruce Lee was trying to show the world before his untimely death.

While devouring any information available on Bruce Lee, especially the Tao of Jeet Kune Do, he officially began his formal training in the martial arts in 1991. He started by attending local area Tae Kwon Do classes. During this time he came across ads for a school that was officially endorsed under Guru Inosanto teaching Jeet Kune Do. All the childhood memories of imitating Bruce Lee came back in a storm, and without apprehension he began to train in Guru Inosanto’s training curriculum at this school. Simply put this is where the real fun began.

During the next several years he trained in Jun Fan, Muay Thai, Savate, Maphilindo Silat, and Kali, and attending seminars by Arjarn Chai, Penderkar Herman Suwanda, Punong Guro Edgar Sulite, Pendekar Paul de Thoars, Larry Hartsell, Burton Richardson, and many others. After a number of years he expanded his training by studying under Mike Krivka of Martial Arts Koncepts based in Maryland. Also, he began training in Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling, Sayoc Kali, in addition to trying to maintain and expand any skills Mike Krivka can beat into his thick skull.

Since 1999/2000 Mykola has been training directly with Mike Krivka, and has reached apprentice instructor status under Guru Dan Inosanto in the Filipino Martial Arts and Jun Fan Gun Fu. Mykola intends to continue his training under Guru Dan, and especially with Mike Krivka, to further his martial arts skills to not only represent Guru Dan in the best possible way but to be the best person in all aspects of life that he can be.

Or as Nick so aptly put it:

Mykola want to be like Bruce Lee except a little bit taller.
Mykola study martial arts.
Mykola no like first JKD teacher.
Mykola like arts though.
Mykola keep training.
Mykola have good teacher now.
Mykola like.
Mykola have much work to do.