Stuart Yee
Location: Germantown, MD
Phone: 301/295-3687

Stuart Yee began his involvement in the martial arts in 1976, studying Tae Kwon Do under Grand Master Ki Whang Kim in Rockville, MD. He was promoted to 3rd Dan Black Belt in 1989. From 1991 to 1995, Stuart taught several classes each week at the school. Following GM Kim’s passing in 1993, Stuart continued to teach and train at the school, however, he began to attend various martial arts
seminars, seeking new things to learn.

In August 1995, Stuart attended a Guro Dan Inosanto seminar hosted by Mr. Mike Krivka. The seminar was an eye-opener, and reminded Stuart of the importance of being a student and maintaining the student mindset. In January 1996, he began training at Martial Arts Koncepts under Mr. Mike Krivka. In 2003, Stuart was privileged to be accepted in Guro Dan Inosanto’s instructor program as an apprentice instructor. Stuart continues to train and assist with teaching at Martial Arts Koncepts under Mr. Krivka.